Our Aspirations

  • Promote the interests of our members in a coordinated way
  • Strive for equal opportunities and status for women in the financial, civil and political life of the island
  • Eliminate unfavourable professional discriminations
  • Encourage women to enter and re-enter the workforce, protect their rights and help them to overcome their limitations
  • Encourage women to acquire education, occupational training and advanced education and to use their professional capabilities and intelligence to the advantage of others as well as themselves
  • Stimulate and encourage women, in order to realize and accept their responsibilities in the professional arena and the community, at local, national and international levels
  • Promote friendship, cooperation and mutual understanding between business and professional women in Cyprus and other countries.

Our Vision

Within the framework of the IFBPW’s (International Federation of Business and Professional Women) motto ‘Making a Difference Through Leadership and Action’, BPW Nicosia focuses on the

Equal Participation of Women and Men in Power and Decision- Making Roles” 

Specifically, we direct our attention to the elimination of direct and indirect discrimination, work toward the improvement of the current legal framework to promote the role of women, strive to enhance the professional development of women, and encourage networking and solidarity amongst women.

For the materialization of its aims and objectives, BPW Nicosia will continue to cooperate closely with the Ministry of Justice & Public Order, the Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other local and European Networks.


Our AIMS for 20012-20115

In accordance with the decisions and resolutions passed at International Congresses of BPW, we are committed to supporting the following goals:

  • Equal Participation of Women and Men in Power and Decision Making

Holding workshops or seminars at regional and national level to raise awareness about the issues and problems that obstruct women from achieving their full potential. Conduct projects that address issues of equal participation of women and men in power and decision making, work-life balance and gender pay gap.

  • Promoting BPW Accomplishments and Networking

Through the creation of our webpage and the posting of regular updates, we reach a great number of women, both members and potential members.

The webpage also allow us to publish the achievements and accomplishments of our members, print information about their professional and social events, provide a forum for professional announcements and generally contribute to the promotion of charitable events which our members may be interested in. This social networking has contributed to greater friendship amongst our members and introduced them to the business potential of BPW.

  • Eradication of Cervical Cancer

Recognizing that cervical cancer is the 3rd most common cancer in women worldwide, our program ( in close cooperation with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cyprus) aims to reduce the incidence and mortality of cervical cancer by tracing it in the pre-clinical stage.

Our contribution includes dissemination of information through lectures and presentations, while women in Rural Areas, have the opportunity to be examined at Rural Government Medical Centers, free of charge, by our sponsored specialist gynecologist , using the Papanicolaou smear test.

Link to 15 most frequently asked questions regarding women cancers can be found Here

  • Osteoporosis in Women

Our aim is to educate our members about the problems, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, as studies have shown that the disease remains serious, under diagnosed and under treated.

We work in close cooperation with the Cyprus Society Against Osteoporosis and Myoskeletal Diseases and follow the guidelines as recommended by the IOF (International Osteoporosis Foundation

  • Creation of BPW Athens and Twinning with BPW Basel
    We are proud to be the ‘godparents’ of BPW Athens, as our efforts to initiate a Club in this cosmopolitan city, has been very successful. The Club is now running very smoothly and we are in regular contact with BPW Athens, attending each others events whenever possible.

Our twinning with BPW Basel took place on 11 September 2014 and we look forward to a mutual, fruitful and enjoyable cooperation between our two clubs.

The purpose of the Twinning is to promote collaboration and support of

common projects, to integrate and respect the aims of BPW worldwide,

to exchange best practices and projects, and of course to enhance

the friendship between the two Clubs,

The importance of Twinning is that the gains and contributions are

equal and mutual and can be in many fields such as, Fun and Friendship,

Professional & Business Development, Cultural Exchange, Pursuing

Common Interests, Mutual support of BPW activities and many more



  • Professional development and personal enhancement
  • Networking among professional and business women
  • Participation in workshops and seminars for the empowerment of professional and business women
  • Participation in European Programs. Support & Inform on National schemes for the enhancement of women’s entrepreneurship
  • Guidance for national programs
  • Cooperation with the Government, Chambers, and other bodies


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