Twinning Ceremony between BPW Nicosia Cyprus and BPW Basel Switzerland – 22/06/2015

Speech of Mary Papadopoulou BPW Nicosia President
BPW Nicosia President’s Speech

Extracts from the welcome address of BPW Basel President Cornelia Schultze

Thank you all for being here with us. A private meeting and inspiration agreed between two friends has now become an exchange program and I am full of new ideas for us to share.

Firstly I would like to invite you all to attend the BPW European Conference which will take place in Zurich in 2016. This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet with BPW Clubs from all over Europe and of course our very own Gabriella will be there – responsible for the events around the conference.

Some of the projects that we would like to work with BPW Nicosia are:
Woman on Boards- how to elect more women on Board, to improve their image and to give them more responsibility
Equal Pay Day- finds ways to keep this topic current and in everyone’s mind
Transparency- finding ways to promote transparency and encouraging lawmakers to improve the legal system around this issue

I also have some personal projects that I hope to undertake during my presidency and which you may want to share in.
Keeping the generations together- encouraging young BPW ladies to become more curious about business and learning from the more experienced women
What can we do to keep our members interested in our Club and more willing to engage in our activities
How can we work together with other women organization in our country
How to utilise social media to promote networking amongst our members


Certificate of Agreement

Speech by BPW Nicosia President Mary Papadopoulou

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Speech by BPW Basel President Georgia Bross

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Speech by Ambassador of the Embassy of Switzerland Gabriela Nützi

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Speech by Gabriella Canonica, Past First Vice President BPW International

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Speech by Marianna Vrahimi Secretary BPW Nicosia

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Welcoming speech by Elena Koza, Vice-president BPW Nicosia

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BPW Nicosia facts

Founded in 1996, first President Neda Zomeni

Total number of members 142 (2014)

Professions Include

Business Entrepreneurs, Accountants, Bankers,Lawyers,

Marketing Managers, Doctors, Teachers